Air Conditioning Energy Ratings

SEER Rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

Similar to how you measure the gas efficiency of a car using miles per gallon, the SEER rating measures the energy efficiency of air conditioning units. A higher MPG means you spend less money on fuel. The higher the SEER value, the less you spend on your energy bills.

The energy efficiency ratio is calculated by taking a unit’s rated cooling capacity (Btu/h), or heat rejected per hour, and dividing it by the electrical power in watts. A SEER rating is typically found on an Energy Guide sticker attached to most home appliances.

Air Conditioner SEER Rating

This EnergyGuide image represents an AC unit with an 11 SEER rating. This rating translates to the energy cost of operating that AC unit per year. The higher a SEER rating is, the lower it costs you to run that AC unit annually. Units with higher SEER ratings will cost more upfront, however they will save you money over time and eventually pay for itself. Most of the energy that your home uses goes to heating and cooling so it is important to consider energy efficient systems.